Our CFO2GO solution offers you a part-time,  virtual CFO with experienced support at a fraction of the cost.

Controller and Virtual CFO

As a small business, you may not need a full-time Controller or Chief Financial Officer (CFO). But you do need a sounding board to ensure strong financial management. Our Virtual CFO program offers you the flexibility and depth of experienced talent to fill in the gaps, without breaking the bank. The Virtual Controller or CFO picks up where the bookkeeper or general accountant leaves off and before your Auditors or Accountants perform the year-end closing.

Management Accounting

The team at Galloway Consulting will help you prepare budgets for cash flow and profit planning. We help you get better control over your business with vitally important management control tools. Our team will assist with costing your products or services and helping you set realistic financial targets and goals. The CFO can also assit with monthly sales forecasts and order book projections, comparing sales needs to inventory or resource capacity.

Management Advice

Galloway Consulting goes beyond the budgeting process to proactively help you intrepret monthly actual results and comparison to prior year results and current year budgets. These reports reports include detailed key performance indicators and financial ratios that apply to critical areas of your business. We work with you to thoroughly review your Operating Plan on a quarterly basis.

Based on business needs, we can assist with working capital or asset financing. Often meeting with bankers, private lenders, or institutional investors to meet the cash flow needs of your business. Our Virtual CFO can assist with setting up and monitoring asset based lending, banking guarantees, insurance certificates, Line of Credit, and Letter of Credit.

Business Development

Our Virtual CFO will assist you with the development of your strategic plan. Out specific focus is on helping you discover the unexploited potential in your business to make it even more profitable. We will be involved in many non-accounting aspects of business development including staffing and hiring, team training, HR management, and customer service strategies.

Small organizations benefit tremendously when they engage Galloway Consulting Group as a Virtural CFO. Simply because of the cost to outsource this talent is minimal compared to the salary of a full-time senior manager. As your guide, we can ensure your business is utilizing capital properly, effectively managing cash flow and avoiding a heavy debt-load. As well, we can help you to  better manage inventory, help you find the right insurance coverage, and provide tips to help mitigate business and financial risk.

Here's what you get with our CFO2GO solution:

  • More time to focus on new services, new customers, and other core issues.
  • Better understanding of your financial information.
  • Improved capability from clearly seeing your financial situation.
  • Sounding board to help clarify the financial impact of business decisions.
  • Assistance in defining long-range plans and the financial goals.
  • Follow through with bankers, lawyers, vendors, insurance agents, etc.
  • Negotiation of insurance policies, rental agreements, contracts, etc.
  • Budgeting, business planning, cashflow monitoring, etc.
  • and much more...

If you'd like to discuss our CFO2GO solution give us a call - (416) 803-5638